MTN Apps Challenge (Version 5.0) UDS, Tamale Campus, Dungu.

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The MTN Apps Challenge Roadshow is back again for its fifth season and this time it kicks-off in UDS’ Central Administration, Tamale.
The MTN Apps Challenge is a great avenue for young minds to showcase their brilliant ideas to help better their communities through the development of technological projects. This time, there were three categories open to interested participants:


IOT (Internet of Things)

Animated Videos

Interested participants therefore have the chance to choose from any of the above mentioned categories as a field in which their project would cover. All participants stand a chance of winning over 20,000gh in prize money and other devices, also MTN would host your project for further publication.

At the venue, there were five booths and a main stage.
From the right;

Agalab Vincent (left), Co-Founder of Blood Drive.

In the first booth, we met two very innovative young minds who were showcasing their app, Blood Drive. The group tapped into the Ghanaian Health Services’ dire need for blood donors and created this application. So the application basically uses your location to determine closest blood bank in your vicinity, you check in, donate your blood, and you get “blood points” on the app, which allows to stand the chance of winning awesome prizes, which range from trips outside the country to cash.

Isaac Sesi (Front End Developer and Co-Founder of Passco)

So this group (Wires & Bytes) developed an application that the students in KNUST can use to access past questions for the various courses offered on their campus. In Isaac’s own words, “The main aim for developing the application is that it’s very easy to use, fast, lightweight and since students are more conversant with on-screen learning, it would be more easily accessible”. When registered to the app, you have virtual money called “Passco Gold” (PG) that allows the user to purchase the past questions they want.

The next booth had a console, Playstation 4, setup where anyone interested could play the very popular soccer game, FIFA.

Alhassan Wumpini (Far left), Co-Founder of Online Bus Reservation
The fourth booth had two different groups and projects to showcase, the first being Online Bus Reservation;
The Online Bus Reservation is a website that provides services for booking bus reservations, checking ticket pricings, departure times and also the buses available. In its early stages, but according to the founders, when it flourishes users should be able to book buses from all the major transport companies across the nation. The second group in this booth was Early Foods;

Early Foods, which is a website/app created by Joseph Nang-bayi (CEO), Polle Ronny (CTO) and Sixtus Dakurah (COO). They blend food transportation and technology in an innovative project called Early Foods. It is a platform where registered users get access to delivery, pickup and takeout services of restaurants nationwide. The site provides available menus, pricing and location information of the restaurants on board.

The Cowtribe booth

At its dawn, the cowtribe is a project which allows various animal farmers register. Cowtribe is an avenue where registered animal farmers can purchase vaccines and vaccination products for their animals. Payments would be made through e-wallets, where the farmers with their NFC enabled devices, make payments by simply “tapping and paying”. In three years, the group hopes to move from just selling vaccines to actually selling animals of the registered farmers and their products. The founders are Peter Awin and Alima Bawah.

The main stage where certain dignitaries discussed on how to make your businesses better.

All in all, the MTN Apps Challenge Roadshow was an extremely fun and informative place to be. Brilliant young minds showed their projects and explained how they would make our society better. Anybody interested to participate in this amazing contest can do so by registering at the following link MTN Apps Challenge.


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